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Shane Alexander is a native Australian, yep- there is another aussie in town!

After a blazing swimming career spanning 12 years where he represented Australia at an international level, Shane was "HIT" with the acting bug when he landed a national television commercial promoting Sydney. The commercial was an outstanding hit, and Shane became known as "the guy who stood on the pinnacle sail of the Sydney Opera House."

Thus began Shane's ongoing thirst for acting, three years of study in Melbourne and soon after relocating to Sydney where he built an impressive resume, appearing in numerous television dramas and soaps.

Having a brief respite of a few years away from acting, owning and managing a holistic Day Spa, Shane realized his burning desire and passion for acting had only grown stronger, so without any hesitation and with bags packed he headed for "Hollywood"

Now, happily settled in Los Angeles, Shane is achieving consummate and ongoing acting successes and receives much kudos for his work from industry colleagues.

Shane continues his extensive training with renowned and acclaimed acting coaches Anthony Meindl and Jen Krater.

Shane lives by his favorite quote by Joseph Campbell, which just so happens to be tattooed discreetly under his left arm "Follow Your Bliss."

Check out Shane's castability sheet:

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